Privacy Policy

Data Collected

The Cashu mobile app does not require you to provide any personal information and does not collect, use or disclose any personal information. We do not run any back-end servers and no sensitive information is transmitted to or stored in our end.

Securing Your Private Keys

With the associated private key one can digitally sign transactions and send payments from a wallet. Therefore it is extremely important to safeguard private keys from unauthorized access. Cashu takes care of that by adopting secure procedures as explained below:

We never store any private keys in your device. Private keys are computed temporarily, once for every payment sent, and immediately discarded. We only store in the device the seed of a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet. A HD wallet is a formal mechanism to produce the whole set of private keys given a seed and a password. Without either the seed or the password it is practically impossible to access the wallet. The seed is stored in encrypted form within the device's key store and access to it requires unlocking the device. The password is known solely to the wallet owner and it is prompted by the app at two moments: to initialize the wallet or to send payments.

It is extremely important that the seed is created from a true source of randomness and backed up safely offline. It is also extremely important that you pick a non-trivial password and memorize it. Do not lose the seed or forget the password, otherwise you will not be able to access your funds. It is technically possible to recover the seed from the device, as long as the wallet is opened, however it is impossible to recover the password.

Network Communication

Wallet balances and transaction history are obtained from public servers that interface the blockchain via HTTPS. Third parties running those servers are able to log your IP address and link that information to your wallet information. Do not assume wallet access to be 100% anonymous.

Permissions Required

CAMERA - The camera is used to scan QR Codes.

INTERNET - The app communicates with various blockchain infrastructures to obtain public wallet details and broadcast transactions.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - The app tests whether or not the network is available prior to accessing it.

VIBRATE - The vibrate feature is used for wallet status change notifications.

Policy Updates

We may need to update this privacy policy in the future. We will notify you of any changes through the app. We also advise you to review this page periodically.